Homebuilding Services


We partner with some of the most experienced architects and interior architects to produce world class homes custom-tailored for your nodes.


Before we construct on your property or suggest an area to build, we get to know you first and ascertain what your needs and wants are in a house. We can build on your property or lot, or help you ascertain a deal so we speak about the development process. All of these details must be taken into thoughtfulness.



Whether it’s a full-scale home renovation, a complete commercial design and build or a smaller family home or office updating project, our team of experienced, highly skilled professionals and specialized construction tradespeople will ensure that your project is completed to the highest criteria.


We offer 20% services discount for properties bought from us.

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We offer construction services, from concept to creation. You haven't found a home that meets all your needs? Do you want to buy and renovate your property? Thanks to our over 30 years of experience as professional builders of modern, high quality detached houses, we will help you build the house of your dreams. We specialize in coordinating construction projects and renovating apartments and villas for international clients.

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We can help in all aspects related to the coordination of a construction project, the organization of relevant architects, contacts with the planning departments of municipal offices and ensuring that your home will be ready to move in the shortest possible time.

Whether you just want to refresh the look of your home or you need a home renovation for functionality and energy efficiency. We not only provide high quality home remodeling services, but also offer a wide range of knowledge in the field of any problems related to energy efficiency. Let us change the look of your home thanks to new windows and facades, and if you care about increased comfort in the room - properly installed attic insulation can significantly help meet your home needs.

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COSTA HOMES offers a wide range of services related to real estate located in Spain. If you want to buy, sell or rent a property, we have a wide selection of fantastic houses, villas, furnished and apartments.